Sampetra was an island located in the Western Sea. It was a haven for corsairs and wandering mercenaries and origiinally populated only by cannibalistic monitor lizards. In the time of Martin II, son of Mattimeo the Warrior, it was ruled by the x-corsair, the vain and tyrannical Ublaz Mad Eyes, then Emperor.

A revolt of former corsairs and Redwallers made Ublaz's reign ancient history. The island was largely abandoned for many seasons after, until a monitor named Nexus Greenscales appointed himself Emperor-God and Defier of the Sun and began to make a name for himself.

Nexus believed that all warmblooded creatures were foolish, thickheaded and silly. He annually hosted a game called the Warmblood Games in which armed warmblood slaves killed each other in front of the island's resident coldbloods for entertainment. The game went well until Vilaya, the Sable Quean and her horde showed up.

Nexus captured Vilaya and forced her to participate in the games. Vilaya slaughtered his captain, Vulcan Spire the frilled lizard, with no weapons except her teeth and claws. Impressed, Nexus decided to reward her with equal leadership of the island, which she enjoyed until the island's final downfall, after which it became a place of peace. It was conquered by the goodbeast organization, The SRAVAN (Sampetra Resistance Against Vilaya and Nexus)

Known rulersEdit

Ublaz Mad Eyes

Nexus Greenscales