1. The Early Years

2. Meeting Niko + Salem

3. Joining with Slagar

Chapter 1. The Early Years

I, Wedgeback the Cruel am about to reveal something I have never revealed. I was born into a clan of assorted vermin in the far norhlands. To mark my birth, my father Striketooth slit my ears with a knife until they bled freely. Many thought this was barbaric, but it was the way it worked here. My mother thought so too. After that, my dad named me Wedgeback and then we all went home. My dad liked me right from the start but I didn't like him. The early years burned up and I left at age 10. I found Malkariss and stayed there for a few seasons.

Chapter 2. The Meeting

IT was 1 morning that I left malkariss, I met Nikolai Banks. He became my freind. Then I found Salem and was told of Slagar the Cruel. I followed her and soon, we were freinds. I met with Slagar at St. Ninian's Chrch

Chapter 3: Joining up

I was given a golden cloak, a spear, cane and knife. I have been a slaver ever since.